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Lovelace Chiropractic and Sports Rehab treats a vast range of musculoskeletal conditions coming from a subluxation in the body. A subluxation is a misalignment of a joint that may cause a change in functional or biomechanical integrity in the joint.

Myofascial Release

By focusing on joints and soft tissue, quicker and superior results can be achieved with our clients. By concentrating on the specific muscles that are causing pain, Lovelace Chiropractic and Sports Rehab will restore the proper glide of the muscle and its proper function. This form of treatment can also be used to treat adhesions, scar tissue, and other areas of pain.

Wellness Report

Lovelace Chiropractic and Sports Rehab offers a comprehensive wellness report that includes the analyzation of the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and musculoskeletal health of a client. This enables clients to catch and monitor several latent health conditions that if left untreated could lead to serious health issues or severe injury.

Movement Analysis

Lovelace Chiropractic and Sports Rehab offers the Selective Functional Movement Analysis. (S.F.M.A), which analyzes the functional movements that clients have had since infancy, enabling them to diagnose any movement dysfunction and compensations. These compensations not only can lead to pain and discomfort, but can also inhibit clients from reaching peak performance levels.

Kinesiology Taping

Lovelace Chiropractic and Sports Rehab offers kinesiology tape and application. Benefits of kinesiology tape including tampering swelling and inflammation in bruises and contusions, pain management, and normalization of muscle tone.


If you are trying to improve your performance on the field, maximize the gains from your training, or just lose some holiday or vacation weight, let Lovelace Chiropractic and Sports Rehab be your guide. Dr. Lovelace offers a program that analyzes the entirety of clients’ diets and can help them tailor an individualized meal plan in order to help them reach their performance goals.

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