Kinetisense utilizes a proprietary motion capture system to capture objective, video-based assessments that delivery accurate results. The Software then generates reports including individuals’ data into charts and graphs allowing both practitioner and patient to understand root dysfunctions leading to the individual’s current situation.

With each assessments taking a brief period of time. Assessments can be re-assed often to ensure functional changes and improvements during care are taking place.

Specific assessments like KAMS. Is a functional movement screen that maps your body’s movement dysfunction in the joints of interest. It provides a scoring index on every individual’s functional asymmetry, flexibility, lower extremity power, dynamic posture, balance, core stability and susceptibility to injury.

It’s a no brainer why professional organizations inside the U.S Olympic team, MLB, NBA and WHL have trusted this software to help ensure their athletes are moving the best they can and prevention as many injuries as they can.